Wall Units


Featured from Cintra Park, Crystal Palace

The benefits of a wall unit are endless, within a small space they are a great storage solution
allowing you to optimise limited space in your home. Storage, for not only books, collections,
interior accessories – but also for technology, allowing you to hide cables and sockets.

The key is to have a design that is both functional and decorative, tying in with your interior scheme and much loved vases/ornaments/sculptures. Remember to always measure everything that needs to be ‘hidden’ to ensure it fits and the storage compartment is designed for the function of the end purpose.

A wall unit frees up space, as usually (with flat TV screens), the depth is kept to a minimum and makes the room feel ‘open’, especially when a floating unit.

We’ve shown the wall unit from Cintra, to illustrate above, with the lovely rich oak grain and contrast of white low gloss finish. Using a collection of vases in various hues, textures and sizes for impact in the unit.

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