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Interiors at Christmas

We’ve been out and about looking at showrooms and shops and wanted to bring to you visual inspirations that you can easily translate before Santa arrives.

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Matoshinhos City, Portugal

One of the most moving groups of sculpture that I’ve ever seen (on a beach) in Portugal, ‘Tragedy at sea’. By Jose Joao Brito. aka ‘The Wailing women’.

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How to Dress a Bed

We’ve dressed more than a few beds in our time! We thought we would share some tips with you. Key to us is layering, comfort, contrast and focal points…

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Kitchen Neutrals

Amongst our show homes and buy to let properties for investors, kitchens tend to be neutral, modern but above anything else functional.

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Interior Accessories

There’s so much great choice out there, to make your home as individual as you are. So we’re featuring a snippet of a talented array of merchandise by creative designers!

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Teenager Bedrooms

We aim to look at this one through the eyes of the teenager! Remember that they see the room as their den, more than a place to sleep…

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