Sculptor Focus, Thomas Houseago at the RA Installation on the Annenberg Courtyard

What would Joshua say!

Loved! the Thomas Houseago sculpture installation on the Annenberg courtyard at the RA, during this year’s Summer Exhibition.

Usually the statue of Reynolds is holding court, a commanding presence, surveying the scene, but this time he is dwarfed and overshadowed by Houseago’s fantastically brilliant partly human, ghoulish figurative sculptures. Which seem in part to guard the splendid RA building and be ready to march on, to defend the building, artists and arts honour!

These monumental sculptural works displayed range from large scale to smaller works. Houseago’s sculptures convey power, strength and vulnerability. He uses carved wood, clay, plaster and bronze, as well as less traditional materials like rebar (reinforcing steel bars) and hemp.

We loved the proportions, the views from all angles, the humour and personality of each sculpture. And took some cracking pics of the courtyard installation, in all weather! With the rain, one day, adding to convey another atmospheric mood.

To end, hats off, (as always) to the RA, for housing the largest open submission of art work in the world. The Summer Exhibition has been held without interruption since 1769, displaying a variety of artists, styles, mediums and genres. By both emerging and established artists. Anyone can enter their work to be considered for submission, which we think is truly a wonderful thing!

Works are selected and hung by Royal Academicians, who also exhibit in the show. Showing emerging talent, first time exhibitors, and non-Academicians together, creates amazing diversity and a showcase in London, for artist’s works. Art is in all media including, painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, architecture and film.

The RA, a London treasure!

Pics © lucyb

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