Matoshinhos City, Portugal

Matoshinhos City, Portugal

Matoshinhos city, Portugal


One of the most moving groups of sculpture that I’ve ever seen (on a beach) in Portugal, ‘Tragedy at sea’. By Jose Joao Brito. Also known as ‘The wailing women’.

Inspired by the ‘Sea Tragedy’ of Master Augusto Gomes, the monument is about three metres high with five figures and depicts widows and orphans expressing the loss of loved ones.

This sculpture is found at the northern end of Matosinhos beach. An area bordered with Porto and part of the Porto subregion.

The figures look out to sea with such pain, grief and almost non-comprehending rage and are so evocative. The raw emotion that comes from the women’s faces is palpable, with arms raised as if shouting ‘why’ and as if beating the air with their screams.

‘Tragedia do Mar’, is in memory of the shipwreck of 1947, four trawlers (‘Manuel’, ‘Rosa Faustino’, ’San Salvador’ and ‘Maria Miguel’), where the fishing boats were lost in a storm killing 152 crew. The tragedy left 72 widows and over 200 orphans.

The monument was opened in 2005, by the Mayor, with a few dozen relatives of the deceased fishermen present. Including, Maria Emilia Figueiredo, one of the widows of the wreck and Luis Mendonca, 93, who manage to survive the tragedy. Given that many Matoshinhenses are descendants of the tragedy, the Mayor wanted the town and monument to show solidarity with the families of the victims and in remembrance to the fishermen.

Home and Interior Trends for Autumn/Winter 2017

Home and Interior Trends for Autumn/Winter 2017

Home and interior trends for Autumn/Winter 2017

Colour, ‘Teal’

An uplifting tone following on from the popular varying shades of ‘everything green’ this year (as we mentioned in our June 11th blog). A colour that sits between blue and green, teal is dark but with a freshness so it doesn’t overstate. Perfect to use on larger items like sofas and on accents too.

It’s a great colour to create impact, drama and works well when juxtaposed to strong saturated colours like ochre golds, black, and charcoal. Teal contrasts equally well with white and gold.

Think: Biba, being bold with colour, adding jewel like colours, and velvets.

Colour, ‘All shades of grey’

You still can’t go wrong with grey! Think all hues of a crisp, cold, winters morning. Easily mixed within an interior with a Nordic twist, or with modern chunky knits and oversized floor lamps.

Mood, ‘Rustic Nature’

Think organic, earthenware, jute, rattan, woven shades, linen, all natural elements used and mixed together.

Oak, unchanged in its raw form, showing the grain and character, contrasted with architectural metals.

The palette is off whites, soft neutrals, all shades of grey and slate.

Warm up, with the accent colours of ochre, and charcoal.

With luxurious and welcoming soft velvets for depth, warmth and contrast.

Materials, ‘Tiles’

Small scale geometrics, going away from squares and rectangular shapes.
Mosaics have made a come back too, with such variety of colour, shapes and sizes.
Small scale geometrics and mosaics work in rooms with a modern or traditional slant and are great to feature in bathrooms and kitchens.

Planet Organic, ‘Houseplants & all things green’

After pantone declaring ‘greenery’ as its colour of the year for 2017, green continues to be strong. With houseplants making a come back, just think of Liberty’s fantastic array of plants in store! Create your own mini conservatory at home and house plants are just great within a room with a vintage 70’s vibe. Take a look at our Durrington project, living space, to see gorgeous plants, a retro swivel chair and retro sideboard for the trend!

Deep shades, emerald green, to leaf greens are strong in interiors and fabrics too.

This trend brings nature and the outdoors ‘in’ and global trend agency Mintel/Catherine Cottney comments that green fingers soothe our digitally led lives. “Tending to a plant gives millennials a chance to take a break from their screens and connect with something tangible in the ‘real world.” Giving love and care to a plant is also nurturing and gives a sense of achievement as it grows.

An urban rainforest in your home! We will put some interesting houseplant articles up on our f/b page to view, for all you gardeners out there.

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