Urban Street Art & Photography, London’s East End

We’ve posted narrative and images before of this creative area but love the diversity and ever-changing canvas of street art on the walls and buildings of the East End. Hence, we’ve even more pics! from our creative wanderings and I think these are from another creative day at the Truman brewery. (Maybe from Design Week this year).

This part of town is like no other, a melting pot of street artists, cultures and Georgian architecture splendour. The explosion of colour, street artist styles, juxtaposed against the urban setting create an artform in itself; a photograph that you can fleetingly capture… before another artist with an aerosol spray can moves in.

East End art is street theatre itself with dustcarts, lamp posts, road signs, brick arches becoming the urban props to showcase and create character and a personality all of its own.

Here’s some pics captured this year, ‘art’ which no doubt will be long gone! with new urban art in its place, by the time you pass by.

all images © lucyb

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