Interior Accessories

Interior Accessories

Interior accessories


There’s so much great choice out there, to make your home as individual as you are. So we’re featuring a snippet of a talented array of merchandise by creative designers!

‘Anna Hayman’ produces some quirky modern updated fringe shades with contrast braid and wacky modern coloured prints.

With an eclectic vintage bohemia vibe influences can be seen from; arts and crafts, Beardsley, Celia Birtwell, William Morris, the 1920’s and the 60’s/70’s. Colours and tones are strong, with velvets and heavy satins giving a signature style. We’ve shown a few of the lampshades!

We also love the mixed range of images from Atelier BigJon. Which to us, have again a slight Bloomsbury, arts and crafts, old fashioned feel but updated with gorgeous strong colour saturation.

With his growing archive of 20th Century original artworks (sourced from around the UK and Europe), portraits are reborn for today as vintage ‘one off’s’, retaining an individual signature style.

More other designer talent soon! It’s great to visit the store regularly for creative inspiration!

Teenager Bedrooms

Teenager Bedrooms

Teenager Bedrooms


Their own space to create!

We aim to look at this one through the eyes of the teenager! Remember that they see the room as their den, more than a place to sleep and somewhere they can escape to and have their own collections and paraphernalia of ‘stuff’ associated with hobbies, school, music, etc!

As if it were their own mini apartment, consider areas for work, play and sleeping, – when space permits. They want to hang out with friends, do homework and switch off in a space that reflects their personality and tastes.

For our teenager room at Cintra, we wanted to reflect a vibrant room with energy with the orange, black, grey palette and simple modern furniture for bedsides, and a desk area for study – with bright prints showing a love of planets and music. This room was quite graphic in style and functional with the oversized clock and leaning bookcase, not fixed on the wall. This allowed the possibility of moving the floating shelves to the desk area when needed, or just for a refresher of the room! There was enough space left on the rug, to add an easy chair or floor cushions for when friends popped by.

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