How to Dress a Bed

How to Dress a Bed

How to Dress a Bed


We’ve dressed more than a few beds in our time! We thought we would share some tips with you. Key to us is layering, comfort, contrast and focal points – whether it be the cushions or the height and shape of a headboard.

We love using a couple of throws as this gives both a luxury element and contrast of materials/textures and allows placing colours tonally together. Either drape a throw on the edge of the bed or fold over the base as a band of colour.

Accent dress cushions on the bed need to have feather infills, which gives you plumping ummph! You can use two larger cushions at the back with two smaller in front. (This tends to work well on a double). For larger bed sizes it is nice to use three cushions at the back with two in front for balance and symmetry. Cushions that vary in size are perfect for that ‘wow’ factor.

We have a thing for contrast piping on cushions, which always gives a lovely contrast and visual reference for the eye.

Headboards, you can have some fun here with upholstered options; tufted, piped, buttoned, trimmed with braid, and shaped. Perfect for balance and height in the room and for lounging against in the morning with coffee and croissants!

With bedlinen we always like to use a high thread count and are a big fan of white! It always looks so crisp, clean and classy. Depending on the project and bedroom we like to use oxford and housewife pillow cases together. Using european square pillowcases, (to prop up towards the back), add another luxury layer and give a new shape. We like to use a flat sheet between a covered mattress and duvet cover, or either a fitted sheet or flat, over the mattress. Remember to use an extra deep fitted sheet if you have a mattress topper too.

And always have a lovely breakfast tray to hand for the mornings and personal little artefacts as well. Accessories such as frames, an alarm clock a couple of books. Personal items that you love, on the bedsides, that give a sense of you.

Remember it’s your space, a sanctuary to unwind and you deserve the best!

Kitchen Neutrals

Kitchen Neutrals

Kitchen Neutrals


Amongst our show homes and buy to let properties for investors, kitchens tend to be neutral, modern but above anything else functional.

Key considerations for a kitchen are the individual’s requirements, ‘the cook’, how the user lives and entertains from day to day. For some projects, however, we do not know the end user, so a well stocked kitchen with all mod cons, appliances, boiling water tap, adequate bins with re-cycling options and ample storage, become core basics.

For simplicity flushed cabinets, handleless with push catch doors and drawers, in a neutral palette whether matt or low gloss. With additional features like a glass effect finished/edged fronts. Light coloured work surfaces, with quartz being both practical and having a good range of whites, creams and natural taupes. Colours which reflect the light and the material being available with subtle accent flecks of contrast hues within.

Always think of kitchen lighting; utilise wall cabinets with recessed lighting beneath, which in turn shine on the work surfaces, to feature pendant lights above an island. Be sure you have enough power sockets and that they are in the right places.

Good ventilation is a must, especially above the oven/hob and there are many design hoods, extractors, to bring a focal point to the room and a new material.

For adding contrast and a splash of colour, use a darker tone of paint on the walls, or an accent colour in the splash back, whether glass, or ceramic. Geometric tiles look great too and are on trend.

Classy accessories; oversized dishes, bowls, jars and cake stands, think about what you use regularly, need to hand and invest in some lovely statement pieces on the worktops.

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