The Old Truman Brewery,

London Design Fair 2018, – ‘Haru, stuck on design’

We love this space! An industrial warehouse building with a huge history. Within the heart of East London and this creative hub. The London Design Fair is a four day event that houses over 500 exhibitors from 36 countries. The exhibition includes brands, independent designers and a variety of talent from international suppliers.

Incorporating Tent London and Superbrands, it’s a great destination for designers, specifiers and buyers alike.

To us it’s a cauldron of a melting pot of styles, cultures and inspiration. From viewing young talent, from the Plymouth College of Art, – (and a shout out to the students for pulling together such a great stand), to established UK brands such as Linwood.

The variety of product on view, reflects the diverse array of visitors, that include: buyers, interior designers, architects, press and the design conscious public. The show is the most creative and exciting out of all the September events as it has a flavour of ‘anything is possible’ and reminds us of being an art student again! The show makes you smile, have fun and inspires you to ‘go create’!

From the Brewery we picked out a few stands that caught our eye!

Haru, ‘stuck on design’, is one such stand! Vibrant colour, playful, originating from Japan. And all sticky tape! The ‘tape’ lets you become your own artist and create a multi layered wall of art. As individual as you are, in a variety of widths, colours – plain or patterned, you can instantly transform a room. Sticking, stretching, taping freely – a new design tool is born!

There are 8 colour families, 2 pattern families, 3 different materials and 4 different widths. No excuse, in the creation of a masterpiece!

“HARU stuck-on design” hopes to inspire a new way of designing & styling spaces.
For more information on Haru, do contact them via their own online website.

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