Are show homes becoming too dressy?


Lucy was asked by Show House Magazine,
Do you think there is a risk of show homes becoming too dressy and putting a buyer off?
A designer talks..

Yes, I do, you need to create the balance between being too stylised and an actual home.

It can’t be too niche, as it needs to reflect wide appeal with a bespoke designer touch. This will make it stand out from the crowd. The balance is in having an aspirational show home, but amongst it all the buyer walking round understands the interior and could happily live there too! It is obtainable.

If the show home is too niche, it will alienate the market.

Amongst all, it needs to be accessible, remember a prospective buyer walking in needs to feel that ‘I could live here’ feeling. It feels like home the moment they walk round through the door. They to, need to imagine and envisage their own furniture in the space.

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