How does an interior designer benefit a house builder?


Lucy was asked by Show House Magazine,
‘What benefits do you bring to a house builder’?
A designer talks..

Use of colour and design to maximise space.

If the show home is dressed the house builder will get the sale, and also at a better price.

Consumers cannot visualise, so a buyer being able to touch, feel, and walk around a show home, allows them to imagine living in the space. A dressed show home interior, runs parallel to a house builder creating a property with high specification, and quality of finishes.

Using a designer tailors a look to the actual brief and market. Hence pending budget, space and location – the property could be dressed towards either an urbanite young professional, or for a family home in the suburbs.

Facility to get them to make as much return as possible, by setting the stage to make the salesperson/agents job easier, and to close the deal, by giving them the tools of a good show home.

Using a designer will both save time, and give a wider range of resources to source furniture and accessories for the property. Adding a great deal to the aesthetic of the home, in turn increases showings and sales. Speeding up the amount of time the property sits on the market.

In short a faster turn around and more money in your pocket.

We become a visual story teller, from the carefully selected accessories to the bespoke art that reflects the interior mood and theme.

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