Interiors at Christmas


Simple ways to make your home look festive for the season

We’ve been out and about looking at showrooms and shops and wanted to bring to you visual inspiration of ideas that you can easily translate before Santa arrives.

We always feel ‘less is more’ and remember you do not have to use the traditional green and red palette of a Santa suit and Christmas tree! In fact Christmas works best when it stems from the palette that you already have at home, with baubles, foliage and wrapping designs that co-ordinate and add some cheer to the existing colours and mood.

If you have a neutral home, with fur throws, chunky knits, a soft natural taupe palette, and earthenware/soft ceramics, then a contemporary rustic theme would work well. Brown paper packages, and yes ‘tied up with string’ (or simple silver ribbons from V V rouleaux)! and fir cones with a natural packaging tag would suit. For the place setting a dusky bark fabric coloured napkins, with a eucalyptus sprig, a white ceramic star, heart or bauble, tied with ribbon will look simple and effective. Fill shallow bowls with decorative balls the colour of putty, cement, juxtaposed with fir cones and small ivy sprigs. Twigs, mistletoe and white berries feature as decoration on the mantel in oversized glass vases.

Remember to use your furniture almost as props for display, low bench footstools with Christmas present boxes ready to open, a fur throw added/slung over the side makes the area inviting, tempting and warming. On top of a dresser, sideboard or mantel, add leavey green foliage and white pea lights. We also love adding fresh (or faux), sprigs of December stems into our natural Christmas tree. Ivy, eucalyptus, and any other leavey stem (as long as a contrast), works well and adds depth. With silver baubles and white pea lights that shimmer from behind all the added decoration.

Another palette that offers a point of difference would be a rich warm autumnal one and one that extends into Christmas. Think of dried hydrangea flowers in purple russet tones with a contrast of ochres and green leaves. Rich warm candles in tall glass holders make this harvest festival palette translate into Christmas. A little vintage and individual too.

More Christmas inspiration soon!

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