Design Trends – Blue Seascape (colour predictions for 2017)


With the emerging colour and paint trends from pantone to dulux, there will be a return to nature and coastal/seabreeze influences. From blues, greys, greens to soft light neutral hues. Surfaces such as marble, stone, agate – all with a natural mineral quality will feature strongly in interior product. From decorative small accessories to inlay in occasional accent furniture.

This trend of marble, and agate will be seen strongly in surface design too, taking its cue from nature – for example the movement, grain and colour of rock formations, and will be reflected in statement pieces like a kitchen island worktop. Small scale on ceramics, with wallpapers reflecting this tend for more movement and larger surface patterns.

Green, ‘Greenery 15-0343’, being pantones colour of the year will feature, and green in all shades from soft celadon to emerald. And if your not keen or brave enough to use on a large scale – add fun elements with cushions, detailing, a rug, accent chair or the feature colour within a bespoke art canvas.

The use of blue will grow too, with dulux announcing it as its colour of the year, as part of its annual global colour futures trend forecast. The colour ‘Denim Drift’, a shade described as ‘a beautiful, timeless and versatile grey-blue that takes on a different characteristic depending how it is used’, will be strong. And note three blues feature strongly in one of Pantones top 10 palettes, named ‘Fathomless’ for this year, to contrast with ‘greenery’ 15-0343.

Grey will remain and stay strong, a colour that works well with both the blue and green, noted above, hence will feature in this coastal palette.

This seascape palette is great for all things natural from coral, driftwood, rough surfaces and trend predictions are even seeing the return of cork!

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