Borough Market

I always love walking round this place. The sights, sounds and gorgeous smells wafting! More than 100 stalls, selling all produce from cheese, breads to meats.., such choice! Quirky urban beaten up side streets too, with lovely independent retailers on the door step. Cobbles and charm aplenty. And keep being recommended ‘Elliot’s, to go to, must go soon!
Last time I had a tasty hallomi, spicy wrap on the go.., and to think someone has told me chocolate features in a restaurant near..  But hey, when ever I have a meeting near, I always (if the sun is shining), pop into Gelateria 3 bis, for a gelato. How can you resist ‘Italian pistachio, hazelnuts from Piemonte, liquorice from Calabria and Pernigotti Cocoa! Love their website too! And good to read they use quality British ingredients like rhubarb, gooseberries and clotted cream. Cream tea anyone..!

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