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How has the Show Home changed?

How has the show home changed in the last decade?   Lucy was asked by Show House Magazine, 'How has the show home changed over the past decade? In terms of design and as a marketing tool’. A designer talks.. With space and sites at a premium, especially in cities,...

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Columbia Road Flower Market

Columbia Road Flower Market   ‘who will buy’.., Love this place, apart from the penalty fare parking ticket the last time I went! Why do they make those signs to read so confusing! (to get your money)! hey ho! Anyway, crowds apart, this street market on a road of...

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Borough Market

Borough Market I always love walking round this place. The sights, sounds and gorgeous smells wafting! More than 100 stalls, selling all produce from cheese, breads to meats.., such choice! Quirky urban beaten up side streets too, with lovely independent retailers on...

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